jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

NASA Soho Hyperdrive 2011.El sol es un enorme stargate - imágenes exclusivas - NASA SOHO

And here is another Great Keeper, for all you tubers, to upload to their your own channels' or favorite for others in your channels' to see. This footage shows how NASA is changing and hiding original data from their Soho Website,, that is just let's say, not quite ready for public viewing so to speak. In reference to the video here, is some great footage from Soho back in May of 2010, of the Sirian Mothership and one amazing shot of a smaller Lightship going in the left side of the Sun and launching itself into deep space, via, a Coronal Mass Ejection. And also some great footage from the 1989 movie Lost In Space showing this theory in action,, as the Jupiter 2,, smashes through the Sun using its" Hyperdrive" to avoid being destroyed by the gravitational pull of the Sun and at the end,, great footage from danielofdoriaa's
YouTube channel of the sun late this Fall and Large Planet or Earth size Craft in close orbit around the Sun" Just Incredible"',, and it just gives more credence/legitimacy to all the work that I have also done, utilizing my invention and my very own home made land-based Soho. I think now it is becoming more and more evident based upon the evidence you'll see in this video and my videos of these craft, as they pass through the Sun on occasions, create what looks like to be,,a "Coronal Mass Ejection". I suspect more and more as time goes on,, that a Coronal Mass Ejections' pose no harm to Earth or any of us, as this happens on a regular basis,, the Light Ships' are just not seen as most of them are traveling faster than the speed of "Light!",as they pass through and by the Sun. :-)

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