viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Long live green Libya, NATO Crimes In Libya

14/nov/11 23 NATO Mercenaries killed in Benghazi
According to latest reports at least 23 people have been killed when clashes broke out between NATO Mercenaries and Tribal fighters in the port town of Benghazi. Intense clashes have also been reported in Tripoli and other Western towns.
Some reports indicate that the Tribe of Wershefana has declared war against NATO Mercenaries and NATO. This comes as NATO Occupying Forces declared that they will pronounce a new occupying regime by next Sunday. Similar declarations were made multiple times but NATO continuously failed to produce an occupying regime due to the opposition of the people.

11/nov/11 NATO stole the Treasures of Benghazi in March but we find out now
The most priceless Libyan Treasures were the first few bounty of war for NATO, thousands of priceless silver and gold coins have been robbed by NATO in march, but no one was informed until now. The treasures were stolen from bank of Benghazi only weeks after NATO forces entered the city and has been regarded as a "disaster" by the chief of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) who were the first to get informed.
NATO member states did the same in Iraq and Afghanistan where priceless treasures were plundered by the occupying forces, the same is being repeated in Libya.

10/nov/11 Mehdi Harati, "I received € 200,000 from U.S. secret services"
Mehdi Harati was the vice president of Tripoli occupying forces, an Irish Mercenary (with Libyan back grounds) who joined the war of aggression for money and wealth. According to recent reports, Mehadi was paid a sum of 200,000 by American secret services, it is yet unknown what the money was for, but in a twist of events apparently his home was robbed and the 200,000 pound was stolen.
It is official, most of these fighters are Mercenaries, and puppets for NATO member states.

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