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The Union – The Business Behind Getting High | Watch Free Documentary Online

This documentary focuses less on the BC market and more on the reasons why marijuana should be viewed in the same light as alcohol and tobacco. It argues for the legalization of marijuana. The argument is compelling and factual with many legitimate sources.The main point in director Brett Harvey’s illuminating documentary, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, is that marijuana’s illegal status could be reversed if lawmakers showed some tolerance and an open mind to scientific facts.

In other words, that won’t happen anytime soon, and don’t expect sellers and growers to be demonstrating for change. Marijuana’s illegal status allows them to charge more, while a whole lot of people, ranging from border jumpers (the people who sneak the drug from Canada to the U.S.) to clippers, will lose money if the rules change. It’s like a far mellower version of Prohibition.

The unveiling of that business model is a small part of Harvey’s film, set mostly in Canada, where British Columbia has a flourishing pot trade. The Union is more like a fiercely intelligent personal essay. And it works. Co-writer Adam Scorgie is our on-camera guide. With his youthful good looks and casual attire, he comes across as a curious guy. He interviews a wide swath of people, doctors, politicians, growers,to find out why a seemingly innocuous plant gets such a bad rap.

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